About Us

Nothing speaks quality more than the tailored elegance of an Italian Suit.
Ever since my first trip across the country, I have been obsessed
with the effortless style that the Italians show off.
It took me an age to put my finger on what enabled them to get so
cool until I, myself, donned an Italian-inspired showpiece suit.
I was transformed.

The moment you step into the high quality of an Italian suit,
you become another person. Confidence shines through, presence is felt.
It’s like becoming one’s own superhero or displaying the suave
sophistication of a villain. There is nothing quite like it — and it is a
feeling to be shared.
When I created ZARTONI, I was building a place where men could arrive
to find their own Italian masterpiece; where they could indulge in
the ultimate cool with the minimum of effort. Few nationalities truly
understand the art of personal presentation, but the Italians have it
down to a T. 
When the pressure is on to demonstrate a
unique style; when the world is asking for something more as
you step outside the norm — know that you will find
the answer at ZARTONI.

Our extensive collection of premium Italian designs is unparalleled.
Our customer guarantees are the best. When you shop with us,
you know you are getting the highest quality —
both in terms of product, as well as throughout the entire experience.
We have tailored everything to encapsulate a touch of class.
Be sure to indulge.

Roberto Zartoni